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FEEs through tourism witness growth of 17% in 2017 over 2016


Foreign Exchange Earnings (FEEs) during 2017 were USD 27,742 mn with a growth of 17.0 per cent over 2016, according to a latest FICCI-Yes Bank Report. This growth trend is dependent on many external factors including exchange rate and socio–political scenario, however, despite global undulations, FEEs have consistently contributed a significant share to the Tourism GDP of India. The rising flow of Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTAs) is clearly a function of the stellar growth performance of emerging tourism trends like MICE along with spiritual travel and medical tourism. Furthermore, it goes without saying that FTAs have been able to garner considerable resources for the country and started contributing significantly to the economy. Foreign tourists tend to spend more in India than almost any other country worldwide due to its size as well as diversity of culture and geography. These are positive signs for the industry, and indicate significant potential going forward.

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Foreign exchange sees 10.2 per cent surge in February


According to the data released by Ministry of Tourism, Foreign Exchange Earnings (FEEs) during the month of February 2018 were ₹17, 407 crore as compared to ₹15,790 crore in February 2017 and ₹13,661 crore in February 2016. The growth rate in FEEs in February 2018 over February 2017 was 10.2 per cent, compared to the growth of 15.6 per cent in February 2017 over February 2016. The FEEs during the period of January-February 2018 were ₹35,132 crore with a growth of 10.0 per cent, as compared to the FEE of ₹31,925 crore in January-February 2017 with a growth of 16.8 per cent over January- February 2016.

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