MCUBE brings industry players under one roof

Marriott group recently held MCUBE – (Marriott Meetings Matter), an initiative taken by the Marriott India Leadership team, at JW Marriott Jaipur Resort & Spa, from April 13-15, 2018. The event brought  together the largest corporate and professional conference organisers under one roof.

Sanjay Sharma, Market Vice President for North India, Nepal and Bhutan, Marriott International, shared some insights on the viability of MiCE in India and why bringing events to cities help elevate local economy as well. “ MCUBE has been historical every year and Marriott has been doing this for a number of years. This time it was held in JW Marriott in Jaipur. Jaipur is an upcoming MiCE destination, through availability of new infrastructure and development which can avail more MiCE business into the city.  Marriott had a double digit growth in terms rooms which we call assessment of our growth in terms of RevPar during the period of 2016-17 and 2017-18,” he said. On the role of expansion the brand initiates, he states, “Today when we go to a city and build with our partners, we go into depth and detailed in terms of what the business needs are. Today when you build new hotels, the aim is to bring majority of business into the city. One of the key drivers of demand in hospitality is MiCE. With conventions and events, the business not only comes to hotels but also to local vendors, transport, but, overall the entire economy starts to grow in the city. Bringing big events is not only beneficial to hotels but also the local economy.”

On why collaboration of hotels is also vital, he adds, “If you collaborate and sell a city as a destination, we will be making much more headway. By collaborating not only within our hotels but other brands as well and market that destination by becoming collaborative service providers enables large events getting attracted into the country. India is the optimal inbound destination because it has the excellent infrastructure now and also myriad options of cuisine, has great value for money and building service levels here are exemplary.”

On stating why MiCE agents and players should choose Marriott as their choice, he added, “We are easy to do business with and have largest footprint in the country. We feel we are service providers to our partners and aim to deliver better than the expectations.  We are growing at a great pace, we have in total of 108 hotels in South Asia. These hotels are opening doors for our customers, partners for best delivery and create a economy in the city to elevate the reputation and number of international visitors.”

Currently, Marriott India has charted a phenomenal growth journey, from first hotel in 1999 to 100+ currently operational properties in South Asia. A robust pipeline of 19 hotel openings in 2018 is expected.